Name: Björn         Name: Thomas        
Age: 26           Age: 25          
Profession: ITelectronics engineer   Profession: cable guy      
Hobby: Censored       Hobby: his Suzuki      
Motto: Motto: "For real? No way!!"
"Just half drunk means wasted money"  
Member since : Member since: 1 of 3 Founders
1 of 3 Founders      

Stadium atmosphere is coming up in Big T.´s living room, when we can´t go with our team. Because he is the only one, who has pay TV.

B-Jay is kind of the president of Biernot. He organizes our activities. His apartment is the Biernot headquater.




Name: Carlo Name: Andreas      
Age: 26   Age: 27          
Profession: bank robber   Profession: painter        
Hobby: q.v. Profession   Hobby: Bar Tester    
Motto: "Invest in alkohol! Where else do you make 40%?!" Motto: "First of all, we´ll have a beer."
Member since:
1 of 3 Founders   Member since: Bochum (2000)    

Santana as an educated banker used to be the treasurer. He was taking care of financing our trips, tickets, and the beer. But right now he is taking a HSV break and cruises trough Australia.

Nebbe is living 365 days HSV. He supports the team everywhere. He is engaged and is trying to become daddy. But his drunk sperms don´t find the right way. HAHA

Don Promillo


Name: Julian
Name: Florian        
Age: 22           Age: 24          
Profession: Student       Profession: Student        
Hobby: Hacker       Hobby: not known    
Motto: "No PC much cry" Motto: "Out of my way - here I come"
Member since: Turin (2000)     Member since: Turin (2000)    

With long hair he looked like Jesus. So Julian got his Biernot-Alias. But later on he lost a bet and had to cut the fur off. HAHA

Don Promillo finished his social year as a granni chauffeur. Since that time he is lightly deranged and basically against everything.



Name: Angelika     Name: Tina        
Age: 22           Age:            
Profession: head designer   Profession: head designer    
Hobby: get on her cat´s nervs Hobby:    
Motto: blond but not dumb Motto:    
Member since: Dortmund (2002)   Member since: Gladbach (2004)

Blondi is our equal opportunity commissioner. We have her also for the female quote in our squad.

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