FSV Mainz 05-HSV

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sad, as usual

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The spell goes on

New season, new bad luck. Defeats on foreign grounds are staying with us and our team. Biernot took off at 5 o'clock with a 9-seater van to go to Mainz , who plays their first season in the first division. (On board: B-Jay, Big T., Santana, Yvonne (2x), Steffi, Paula, Jane and the driver Thomas) The way into the stadium did not provide any problems. Admittedly the security guys did not let us take our banner flags into the stadium with us.

The atmosphere was good and we could not wait to the game begin. Everybody expected the first victory in an away game since a long time. And after the 1:0 lead in the first half many of us believed, this time it could really happen. But if you know the HSV, you know that a lead means nothing. During the game break we raided the beer stands and showed the catering guys from Mainz , that they underestimated the thirst for beer of the Hamburger fans and that they are definitely not ready for the first division. The revenge followed right away. After a couple of minutes in the second half the Mainz players succeeded with their power play and turned the game around within 3 minutes – unbelievable. After that our team did not show anything countable anymore. The very loud and good fan support could not change the shit that was played by our “professionals”. The best man –Hermann Rieger-, who stayed with us in the fan circle occasionally, tried to encourage us after the game.

Quote: “I do not know at all, why I do not feel too good at all.”

Conclusion: Biernot does not bring any luck for the HSV, and it is the same the way around. So we really think about to cancel all planned trips with our team. Maybe then they will win…..