M'Glagbach - HSV

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Family trip to Gladbach


Although we had cancelled all planned trips since the Mainz game, we dared us again to travel with our team. The Biernot founders inclusive female guards upps, meant company as well as Nini & Teddy, Danni, Florian and Florian2 where there. We wanted to go to Gladbach anyway because of the new stadium. This presented itself in our opinion not as beautifully as expected, but always better than the old Boeckelberg. The fact that there was only alcohol-free piss to drink did not do an abort to the good mood in the guest corner. We Hamburg fans inclusive three drummers were louder than the rest of the stadium. There was only one exception when Gladbach scored right after the beginning of the second half. Many Hamburg supporters were still at the beer stand or taking a leak. When the guest corner was complete again, the party could go on. Starting from that 3:1 of Sergej, we drummed and sang trough until the end of the game. Memories of Bielefeld came up; there we celebrated 70 minutes without break. On the way back we first stopped in Duesseldorf. There we spend the night and a lot of money in various clubs and taverns. Before we continued our way home on the next morning.


Quote of the day: "You are not only a Jew, you are shitty black Jew" (opinion of a fan about the referee)


Conclusion: It was fun again to watch our team play. Hard to believe that –for us- this was the first away game victory since one year and one weeks. The curse seems to be broken. Therefore, we took Bochum directly back on the planning list.